Hi I am Juliana from La Feterie Miami Wedding Florist

La Feterie is a full-service décor company offering design and production for special events. Unique and creative designs for any occasion and budget. Using the art of floral and event design to integrate colors, shapes, textures, and patterns. Our mission is to transform your vision into a memorable event. Whether it’s a wedding, bridal shower, corporate event, intimate dinner party, birthday, or baby shower, every event is personal and exclusive. We offer everything from custom-made arches, bridal bouquets, furniture, and space planning, to our signature floral designs. Create a reaction, produce an emotion, and stimulate untouched possibilities…

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More about Juliana from La Feterie Miami Wedding Florist

- Coffee lover … hug giver

- Obsessed about brigadeiros (some sort of truffles from Brazil, but you wouldn’t know until you try one)

- Emma’s Momma bear… gosh motherhood changed me!

- I am a loyal friend and a full believer, family is the true core of everything

- I learn over the years that you do your best every day and the universe is in charge.

- Give and don’t expect…it will come back to you eventually.

- I am thankful for photography, what better way to keep forever the happiest moments of our lives, and music for bringing the joy of celebrating.

- I cry on TV commercials…and I laugh for absolutely no reason.

- When I was 3 or 4 years old I went to my first wedding, and afterward, I wear a skirt on my head to pretend it was a veil, and I got married around the house over and over, for days…I guess that explains a little my passion for weddings.

- I also have a craving for colors, music, dancing, desserts, pretty flowers, and high heels, and I would love to be your flower girl!!